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We are excited that you have chosen Covenant Health for your educational medical experience. Whether you are just beginning your higher education or into your clinical rotations and practicum, Covenant Health is a great place to begin! We have a variety of opportunities for clinical students depending on your stage of education.

Students are responsible for finding a healthcare provider within our system and getting the provider’s approval as part of the application process. To help locate a provider, you may search for a provider. Just follow the prompts by choosing a Specialty area. You will see a list of providers within Covenant Health for that particular specialty and their contact information.


An observer Includes students enrolled in a medical field, but not yet to the level of patient care or students enrolled in a pre – medical program that are 18+ years of age. An observer will shadow the Covenant medical professional with no hands-on learning. Observers shall not at any time participate in care delivered to the patient. They only watch and listen. Observers may not access or visualize patient medical records and confidential information. Authorization is provided to those individuals exercising in a medical capacity via Medical Staff Services and Covenant affiliated medical and nursing schools. This process is not offered for those completing the credentialing process.

  • Exceptions to the Observer Definition
  1. Students 16+ years of age may be considered when providing an appropriate written recommendation by a school official.
  2. Visiting physicians, allied health and nursing will be considered on a case by case basis.

Observations are a perfect way to determine if you have chosen the right profession for your future. Observations also can help you narrow down the field of medicine in where your interests lie.

Physician Observer Application(shadowing a physician)

Professional Observer Application(shadowing professional other than physicians)

Clinical Rotations/Practicum

The student that is to the point in their education that requires hands-on education will need to complete the Clinical Rotation/Practicum Student Application. Students under the supervision of physicians or licensed medical professional employees must be 18+ years of age and will be performing actions/procedures authorized by the Covenant supervisor and approved by the school and hospital. Authorized actions/procedures are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff, applicable state statutes and Human Resources policies. These students may not perform any functions, duties or procedures that are outside the scope of their training program. Any College or University wanting their students to rotate at Covenant Health must have an Affiliation Agreement with Covenant. For contract information contact Keith Harvey, Manager of Contract Operations,, 806-725-0535.

Clinical Rotation/Practicum Student Application

Allied Health Fieldwork Application

EMS Application

Orientations & Training

When you have completed your application and collected all the supplemental documents requested on page one of the application, follow the instructions on where to email the documents. The packet must be complete – everything included - before it may be submitted. Once approved, you will be contacted to set up an orientation and EMR training (if required). Orientation information and length is determined by your type and location of rotation.

Orientations for observers are offered every Tuesday from 9:30 – 10:30 and Friday from 2:30 – 3:30. Orientations for clinical rotations will be two hours in length and set to coincide with the beginning of the clinical rotation as established by the affiliated school. After the orientation and training have been completed and the student has a Covenant security badge, the student is ready to begin a wonderful educational adventure, the Covenant Health way!

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Bryant, Project Manager, Student Liaison, at (806) 725 – 1377. We look forward to working with you!

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