Covenant Medical Staff Services
Covenant Health Medical Staff Services

Covenant Health System has partnered with Crimson and the Advisory Board Company to provide the members of our medical staff hands on training related to service specific data necessary to drive effective quality and outcome programs. This project is intended to be used as an educational tool for the members of the medical staff to review their data and will enable physicians to better understand their practices.

Through this partnership, we intend to realize the following for all clinical departments:

  • Physician self-service access to data
  • Data driven decision making
  • Improved compliance with CMS Indicators
  • Full compliance with accreditation standards for performance evaluation (OPPE/FPPE)

Physician feedback will be sought and utilized to customize the program to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the data.

Access to the Crimson Website:

Initial Login for first time Crimson users:
Login initial and Last name (ex: Scott Robins = srobins)
Temporary Password = covenant1

Contacts Phone # Email Issue
Sylvia Brito 806-725-3109 Login/ PW reset
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Jacque Smith 806-725-0676 Quality Data
Sheldon Zahn 806-725-4544 Core Measures
Michael Camacho 806-725-3450 CHP/Other
Crimson Video Training sessions:
Below are interactive demonstrations on how to navigate the Crimson website.

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