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We are excited that you have chosen Covenant Health for your educational medical experience. Whether you are just beginning your higher education or into your clinical rotations and practicum, Covenant Health is a great place to begin! We have a variety of opportunities for students depending on your stage of education.

Students are responsible for finding a healthcare professional within our system as well as getting the Professional’s signature and inclusive dates on the Supervising Physician/Professional Agreement form within the application below.

Clinical Rotations/Practicum

The student that is to the point in their education that requires hands-on education will need to complete the Clinical Rotation/Practicum Student Application. Students under the supervision of physicians or licensed medical professional employees must be 18+ years of age and will be performing actions/procedures authorized by the Covenant supervisor and approved by the school and hospital. Authorized actions/procedures are subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Medical Staff, applicable state statutes and Human Resources policies. These students may not perform any functions, duties or procedures that are outside the scope of their training program. Any College or University wanting their students to rotate at Covenant Health must have an Affiliation Agreement with Covenant Health. For contract information contact: Catherine Vasquez-Perry, Contract Administrator,, (806) 725–0287.

Clinical Rotation/Practicum Student Application

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