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*Effective March 31, 2022, the Observer Program is open for students who have been vaccinated. A complete list of the required vaccinations can be located on the coversheet (#5) of the observer application.*

We are excited that you have chosen Covenant Health for your educational medical experience. Whether you are just beginning your higher education or into your clinical rotations and practicum, Covenant Health is a great place to begin! We have a variety of opportunities for students depending on your stage of education.

Students are responsible for finding a healthcare professional within our system as well as getting the Professional’s signature and inclusive dates on the Supervising Physician/Professional Agreement form within the application below.


Observers are defined as those enrolled in a pre - medical higher education program that are 18+ years of age, but not yet to the level of patient care. An observer will shadow the Covenant medical professional with no hands-on learning and should never at any time participate in care delivered to the patient. Participants in this program only watch and listen. Observers may not access or visualize patient medical records or confidential information. This process is not offered for those completing the credentialing process.

  • Exceptions to the Observer Definition
  1. Students 16+ years of age may be considered when providing an appropriate written recommendation by a school official.
  2. Visiting physicians, allied health and nursing will be considered on a case by case basis.

Observations are a perfect way to determine if you have chosen the right profession for your future. Observations also can help you narrow down the field of medicine in which your interests lie.

Orientations & Training for Observers:

  1. Physician/Professional Observer Application (shadowing)
    • Once your application has been submitted and approved, you will need to complete the online orientation.
  2. Online Orientation Instructions – 1.5 hours
    • Online Orientations are a one time non-refundable $15.00.
    • Go to
      • Under Guest, click on Sign In, then create your account
      • Purchase the Covenant Way Student Observer Orientation
    • Download handouts and watch video
    • At the completion of the training video, you will be prompted to take a 10 question quiz over the information presented in the video. You must score 80% to pass and have two chances to pass.
    • Once you receive your certificate of completion, please forward same to
  3. Badge
    • When the application is completed and approved, your badge will be ordered.
    • After completing orientation online, you will receive an email notification when your badge is ready to be picked up at Covenant Health, LDC – Building 14 – 3506 21st Street, Suite 500 on the fifth floor.
  4. Watch the Red Rules Video Watch the Red Rules Video at using the password RED. (all caps)
  5. IF observing in the OR, Cath Lab or Labor & Delivery
    • Must have your Scrub Access Codes BEFORE your orientation. You will receive this when you pick up your badge.
    • Peruse the Surgical Training Materials BEFORE your orientation.
      • Surgical Attire Requirements
      • Surgical OR Policies and Procedures
      • Surgical Services Orientation for Non-Employees
      • 2016 Acknowledgement or OR Training – take this with you to the training
    • Must attend a 30 - minute informational OR Orientation with an OR Educator.

After the orientation is completed and the student has a Covenant badge, the student is ready to begin a wonderful educational adventure, the Covenant Health Way!