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Staff Appointment

We are excited you are considering joining Covenant Health community. Our goal is to make your time with us as positive as possible. The appointment process is never fun, but we want to make it as simple and effective as we can. Below are a few things to keep in mind when considering membership and/or privileges at one or more of our facilities

  • Covenant Health currently provides care at the following Hospitals
    • Covenant Medical Center- Lubbock, Texas
    • Covenant Children’s Hospital- Lubbock, Texas
    • Covenant Specialty Hospital- Lubbock, Texas
    • Grace Surgical Hospital- Lubbock, Texas
    • Covenant Health Levelland – Levelland, Texas
    • Covenant Health Plainview- Plainview, Texas
    • Covenant Health Hobbs- Hobbs, New Mexico
  • Medical Groups which are part of our organization
  • Currently each hospital is governed by its own Board and unique bylaws and policies
  • Covenant Health offers a Regional Medical Staff Office. This means you only have to complete a single application for the facilities which fall under the regional scope (* indicates a facility that does not currently fall under the regional office)
  • Initial Applicants should expect a minimum of 60 days from request to approval. Timeframe is heavily reliant on you and your involvement in this process.
  • The Medical Staff Office highly recommends that you make a face to face appointment with your coordinator at the beginning of your application process. The sooner the better. We have found this can significantly expedite your process.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request facility details. Having so many facilities in a close area means you may find yourself needing membership/privileges at more facilities than you initially expected. Knowing this beforehand can save you time and better serve our community. Contact us
  • Fees

Still Interested? Please review the Medical Staff Membership Page to see if you are eligible.